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We are a completely crowd-funded, crowd-sourced, online animation studio that is currently being built from the ground up.

Stories are the last great universal tradition of the human race.

Wouldn't it be amazing if there was an animation studio that not only told great stories, but also utilized the help from people from all over the world to do it?

Founder, Jeremy Dean, talks about his vision for the Raspcallion Animation Studio and how you can help.

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So, How Does It Work?

Everyone in the Rapscallion family fits into one or more of these three categories.


Are you a voice-over actor, concept artist, 3D modeler or animator, or texture artist? Do you want to be a part of a hard-working team that loves storytelling and animation? Do you want to be recognized for your talent and even get paid? (Imagine that!)

We are just getting started and can use all the help we can get, at the moment. If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, you should sign up for a free account now and apply. (It’s not as scary as it sounds. We just want to meet you and see your work.)


Maybe you’re not an artist, but you love and appreciate animated stories. Maybe you just want to help us and support us. That’s great! We need you! This site isn’t just about artists, it’s about building a family where everyone loves something in common, great stories.

By giving to the cause through your linked Patreon account, you get access to special content, like news (2 weeks before the general public), concept art, progress reports and much much more. We’re still building all of this, so you should check out this article to find out more information on how to become a patron.


We love you!
Just had to get that out in the open.

You don’t have to be an artist or have money to give in order to help us or be a part of the Rapscallion family. If you still want to contribute, we have a link sharing program in place that tracks all of the users you bring to us. By sharing your special url or using our special Facebook sharing button, you can get access to the same exclusive behind-the-scenes content and features that patrons do!

Earn Achievements

Any time you do something to support us, it gets logged and noted. When you hit certain milestones, you get awarded "achievements", which get displayed on your profile page as a testiment to your time, energy and dedication to helping us. A full explanation of how this works can be found here.

Earn achievements by:

  • Becoming a Patron
  • Referring patrons to us
  • Sharing links on Facebook
  • Visiting us daily
  • More ways are coming soon!

Real Time Progress Reports

As a patron, you get access to how animation projects are coming along in real time. This is the same data that we see as we are working, so you see it as we see it. In some cases, maybe even before!

Early Release News

As a patron or a fan, you're part of the team! We'll let you know what is happening 2 weeks before we tell the rest of the world. This includes getting a head start on finding Rapscallion coins!


We're just getting started building new features to get you more engrossed and involved in the storytelling process. Below are some of the most pressing features you can expect to be available in the near future.

Concept Art

Emmerse yourself in the early concept stage as artists sketch out their ideas in some extremely colorful ways.


Help us make some critical design and story decisions by voting on your favorite options.


Get a sneak peak at story excerpts by looking at the storyboards, which demonstrate the flow and pace of an animation.

Easter Eggs

Get ready to earn achievements by hunting on this site for hidden clues, secrets and puzzles.


Hang out with us online, make new friends and get your questions answered about many topics including stories, easter eggs and Rapscallion coins.

Rapscallion Coins

For those that find a coin hidden in the real world, a way to enter the coin code will be provided so the whole world will know that you did what only a few others ever could.

Profile Pages

Let the Rapscallion community know who you are and show off your achievements.

Meet the Team

Discover the talent behind the animation by getting personal with the team that made it happen.

The Storytellers Web Series

Not only are we working on great animation, but we're also going to document the whole thing from the very beginning so you can see what it takes to finish a project like these.

More Ideas to Come

Why stop here? We're just getting started.

The first 30 patrons to pledge $40, either all at once or over time, will get
lifetime access to all current and future projects, forever!
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